Stray Drum - Eurorack firmware for Versio Platform

Stray Drum - Jasmine & Olive Trees

"Stray Drum" is a macro oscillator firmware based on FM and ring modulation for the Versio platform. This is a beta release, and it contains rough edges; even some parts of the front panel aren't in use yet, such as the audio inputs, the Trig button, and one of the switches.
The pitch input can track V/Oct after calibration. However, a calibration mechanism has not been implemented yet.

Pitch: Spans 5 octaves and can track V/Oct but requires calibration.

Spread: Introduces 2 harmonics to the root. Allows seamless adjustment between different chords and dissonant ratios, ideal for percussive sounds.

Feedback: Applies FM feedback to the operators, introducing harmonics up to noise into the base signal.

Attack: When turned to the left, it adds transitional noise that is pitch-filtered.

Decay: Provides a traditional decay effect.

Mode: Alters the modulation function applied to the base signal. It transitions seamlessly from no modulation to exponential decay to a sine wave. In the sine wave section, it can change the modulator frequency, up to a ratio of 5.

Amount: Governs the primary modulation. In exponential decay mode, moving it to the left produces ascending pitch, while moving it to the right creates a descending pitch. Extreme left and right settings select the longest pitch-shifting times.Now, switch to sine wave mode. When the amount is set to the right, it controls the degree of FM modulation. To the left, it adjusts the level of AM modulation, transitioning into ring modulation where the modulator transforms from a sine wave into a square wave.

How it sounds

With this set of controls you can shape its sound to powerful kick drums, classic snares and hihats. Percussive sounds like congas, claves, metallic objects, bells, electronic claps, etc.
It also works as a chord machine, giving a wide range of deep and obscure chords perfect for dub techno stabs. Especially when selecting a chord, apply FM to it and some reverb/delay effect.

The flawless fusion

This firmware pairs perfectly with our Traffic and Water module. So, instead of having just one drum voice, you can now have three voices from your Versio.

If you have suggestions or feedback, kindly send me a message on Instagram or via the contact form.

To install this firmware, follow the regular procedure using the NE portal. When selecting the firmware, click on "Select Custom File" and then use the .bin file you downloaded from here:

Download Firmaware