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Jasmine & Olive Trees



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Read before buying: when connecting Traffic Trig inputs it's not possible to send manual triggers, so it's not possible to trigger Traffic by a sequencer and the push buttons in the same patch. This is due to how back ports of Traffic were designed, initially only to chain Traffics together. For more information on how the jack normalization works, click here.

Tax included only for EU customers.

Introducing the first iteration of the Traffic expander: Light – designed to enhance your experience of manually triggering Traffic and more!

This versatile module can function standalone, but it truly shines when paired with Traffic. It conveniently connects push buttons to the Traffic triggers using a flat cable on the back of the modules. This feature proves incredibly helpful when setting sounds with Traffic and a target module, or when manually selecting presets, keys, chords, and more for your patch.

Light also includes a master accent input that generates with its knob a selectable CV voltage. This CV voltage can be used to program global accents with a gate sequencer, making it the perfect expansion for Traffic with a non-exclusive, high-priority CV offset source.

Moreover, the accent gate input can be configured as a gate-to-trigger converter, and the output offers three selectable decay times for heightened musicality in the accents. Additionally, the accent can be modulated with a CV input. This comes in handy when accenting using FM or synthesizing clap sounds. When using CV modulation, the knob functions as an attenuverter.

Thank you for considering Light! Explore new possibilities in your eurorack setup with this powerful module.

Power: +-12V 

Size: 4HP

Depth: 23mm 

Acc Output: +-8V

Gate Outputs: +5V

6 Pole flat cable included



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